Comprehensive solution of "rural environmental governance" -- ecological island model

With the concept of natural ecology and the method of system engineering, and by means of resource utilization, build an ecological factory for waste resource utilization - "ecological island".Adopt EOD mode to promote the effective integration of domestic waste and organic waste MBT treatment system project and renewable resource recovery system, promote overall planning and integrated implementation.

"Ecological island" includes domestic waste and organic waste MBT treatment system, waste classification and renewable resource recovery system.

Domestic waste and organic waste are treated by MBT technology to obtain metal, nutrient soil and RDF. Reuse of metals as renewable resources; Nutrient soil is used as fertilizer for landfill, mine restoration or landscaping; RDF is packaged and transferred to energy utilization.

The recycling system of renewable resources supports various types of sorting and packaging lines according to the attributes of renewable resources through reasonable manual assistance and mechanical sorting and packaging process, and sends them to the corresponding processing enterprises for further processing after packaging.

Core technology - mechanical biological MBT disposal technology

Process flow of mechanical biological MBT disposal technology

Mechanical biological MBT consists of mechanical (crushing and sorting) and biological treatment. The mechanical part mainly uses crushing, sorting and screening equipment to crush and separate high calorific value components in waste, such as plastic, paper, leather and wood, and then use them to prepare RDF. The main equipment is composed of crusher and combined screening system. The biological treatment part mainly relies on aerobic fermentation technology, through trough film mulching biological drying or drum biological drying and deodorization. After the domestic waste is disposed by distributed mechanical biological MBT, it will finally form nutrient soil, inorganic ⻣ material, metal and RDF (waste derived fuel). Nutrient soil can be absorbed locally, inorganic ⻣ materials can be used or buried locally, metals can be sold locally, and RDF (waste derived fuel) can be transported to the domestic waste back-end disposal center for intensive energy conversion and coupling application, so as to realize reduction, harmless and resource utilization.  

Domestic waste MBT products


Carbon emission reduction benefits of domestic waste RDF as alternative fuel

Domestic waste MBT project

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